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BKKS Committee

Chairman: Cliff Beckett
Treasurer: Cliff Beckett
General Secretary: Syd Mitchell
Membership Secretary: George MacRitchie
Public Relations Officer: Steve Gibbins
JSC Representative: Gary Pritchard
HSC Representative: John Botha

Ex Officio Roles (non participating/voting)

Equipment Officer: Bill Jones
Events Manager: Position vacant. If you would like to apply for this position or need to book equipment please contact our chairman

Please click a Committee member’s name to send them an email
Or call us on 0203 2862 346 and leave a message


Judging Standards Committee

Health Standards Committee

Chairman: Gary Pritchard Chairman: Cliff Beckett 01656 724943, (South/West Wales)
Secretary: Carol McCall George Badenoch 01708,441858, (Essex)
Judge Allocation Officer: Bill Ennis,* John Botha 0208 984 9789, (Essex)
Trainee Liaison Officer: Christine Woolger Steve Watson 01273 453771, (W,Sussex)
Training Officer: Christine Woolger

National Show Committee

Show Chairman : Archie Dick
Vice Show Chairman: Willie Morland
Show Treasurer: Cliff Beckett
Dealer Liaison: Paul Williams
Centre Ring Manager: Brian Hall
Benching Admin: Iain Kirkbright
Water Team Manager: Willie Morland
Equipment Manager: Bill Jones
Health Team Manager: Cliff,Beckett
Dinner Dance Liaison: Andrea Hall
Public Relations Officer: Ralph Pegden
JSC Representative: Allan Tait
HSC Representative: Cliff Beckett
Exhibitor Representative: Bob Jacobs
                                  * Click HERE for the JSC Show Booking Request form

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