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On Sunday, the 30th April the BKKS AGM was held at the Heart of England Conference Centre, which is the same location as the National Show. At the meeting a new committee was appointed with myself as the new Chairman.

Whilst the Committee had hoped to have a reasonable turn out, as there had been some indication from social media activity, that members were going to come, in fact, the attendance was very poor.Having been faced with this situation before, we the Committee asked the members present if they wished to carry on with the meeting or postpone it to another date.

A discussion then took place. It was stated that this situation had occurred at previous AGM’s and it was mentioned, that the last reasonable attendance was at an EGM, which was held on Sunday 21st April 2013 at Drayton Leisure and Golf Centre, Banbury, Oxford. 

It was then suggested that it seemed timely for the BKKS to take a look at itself, in what it stood for and how it could move forward in today’s society, which is something it hasn’t done for some time.

It was agreed by the Committee and members present that, rather than look at anything in detail at the AGM, an Extraordinary General Meeting should be called to discuss the future of the BKKS on how it could move forward in today’s modern society and how it could best serve its membership.

The date of Sunday 3rd September was agreed as this was currently a publicised date for a National Committee meeting, which some BKKS members already had in their diaries, and dependant on the outcome of the EGM, the next National Committee Meeting date would be arranged.

With all this in mind the AGM process was resumed, details of which will be publicised in due course.

As the New BKKS Chairman, I would encourage all BKKS members to consider what they would like the BKKS to do both Nationally and individually over the next few months. So, that on Sunday 3rd September at the EGM we can have a frank, open and fruitful discussion on the purpose of the BKKS in today’s world and if and how it can move forward.

In the meantime we have our National Show in 7 weeks’ time and we are all working on that to provide an even better Show than last year.

I very much hope all BKKS members will get involved and enable us to offer a National body, which will continue to develop the hobby of koi keeping and providing a service to all its members.

Cliff Beckett
Chairman BKKS

New members discussion group

The BKKS now has a group on Facebook where BKKS members can talk to each other and discuss ideas and anything related to the society.

If you would like to join in the discussion the group can be found by clicking the image

2018 National Koi Show

Thanks to all those who supported the 2017 National Koi Show. We look forward to bringing you news very soon about the 2018 event. For further information please click the image below to visit the National Koi Show website

2017 Meeting Dates

The BKKS holds 3 main meetings each year 

03/09/17 - 1pm - EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting)            

08/10/17* - 1pm - National Committee Meeting 

Jan 2018 - 1pm - National Committee Meeting

Apr 2018 - 1pm - Annual General Meeting

The venue for all meetings unless specified otherwise is:

Heart of England Conference and Events Centre

Meriden Road


Nr Coventry


* Please note change of date due to EGM

heart of england conference and events centre

BKKS Merchandise

You can now buy BKKS merchandise direct from the supplier - which means that you, the members, pay as little as possible - and in return, we get the benefit of you promoting the Society whenever you wear it.

Click the image below, to access the merchandise sales site.